The Selinda Reserve is one of Africa’s great wildlife reserves it stretching across 129,500ha and comprising of the Selinda Spillway, dense marshes, riverine woodlands, and sprawling savannahs,



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  • location

    The Selinda Reserve is a vast and picturesque wildlife sanctuary between the Okavango and Linyanti river water systems in Northern Botswana.

  • Animals

    The reserve is home to animals like the elephants, cheetah, wild dogs, and prides of lion, hyena, jackal, and leopard.

  • Best time to visit

    The dry winter season, which is from June to the end of October showcases the most concentration of the game in this particular region. This is the ideal time to visit Selinda for an African safari when large numbers of game congregate to its water sources.

  • Birding

    The concession 130,000-hectare offers wonderful birding opportunities. The riparian woodlands and grasslands offer a decent variety of species. The area provides a great birding experience some of the birds found here include species like Chirping Cisticola and Luapula Cisticola.

  • Weather

    It remains hot all season with daytime temperatures hovering around 32°C/90°F. Mornings are cooler. November & December – It is hot and mostly sunny. It rains intermittently, but it comes as a relief as temperatures usually build up beforehand and cool off afterward.

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