Winner of the 2005 WTTC Tourism for Tomorrow Conservation Award, the eco-friendly construction of Damaraland Camp has merged new technology with ancient methodology in an incredibly inventive manner. Another unique feature of this sustainable ecotourism venture is that it is owned and largely run by the local community – who have injected their own distinctive optimism and cheerful nature into the Damaraland Camp experience. This unusual flavour comes from the mixed heritage of the local peoples, which include Nama-Damara, Herero, Owambo, and the displaced Riemvasmakers of South Africa.

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  • Location

    Damaraland Camp is situated in the Huab River Valley, arguably the most pristine wilderness area in Namibia, 90km from Torra Bay in the Torra Conservancy. It is lauded as one of the country’s best camps, with sensational views of the surrounding desert plains, ancient valleys and soaring peaks of the Brandberg Mountains.

  • Accommodation

    Accommodation at Damaraland Camp consists of 10 adobe-styled, thatched units each raised on individual wooden decking – part of which extends out to form a large viewing deck with magnificent vistas. Recently refurbished, each tent has en-suite facilities (shower only), a walk-in dressing area and built-in fan. Mosquito repellent is also provided.

    The spacious, thatched living area features a restaurant and bar, complete with fireplace. Evening meals at Damaraland Camp are often prepared over an open fire and served out in the open in an area near to the camp lit by an assortment of small lanterns. The swimming pool is conveniently sited next to the bar. An open campfire and outdoor ‘boma’ can be enjoyed during calm evenings, with superb stargazing in the crystal-clear night skies.

    Rooms details
    Standard Tent(s)
    (9 ROOMS)

    The camp comprises nine adobe-style, twin-bedded accommodation, under thatch – with en-suite facilities. Each built on a raised wooden deck, with gravel pathways on the ground linking through to the main area.

    Family Tent
    (1 ROOM)

    There is one family unit consisting of two bedrooms, each with two three quarter beds per bedroom, and own en-suite facilities. Separate entrances lead to each bedroom, while a shared outdoor deck connects both units.


    Standard Tent


    Family Tent


  • Facilities

    Property Facilities
    Electrical Outlets
    Internet Access (Complimentary)
    Laundry Service (Available)
    Lounge Area
    Mosquito Nets
    Tea / Coffee

    Room Facilities
    Tanted Camp
    Family Accommodation
    Private Vehicle Available

  • Activities

    Activities at Damaraland Camp revolve around exploring the Haub River system, featuring guided nature drives, walks and mountain biking. Morning and afternoon drives in search for desert-adapted elephant are a great favourite. Gemsbok, greater kudu, springbok, and occasionally lion, cheetah, elephants and black rhino can be spotted.

    Interesting flora such as euphorbias and shepherd’s trees can be viewed on the way to some of Africa’s best known rock engravings, including the famous Twyfelfontein etchings.

    Activities on Site 
    Bird Watching
    Game Drives
    Night Drives
    Walks (Guided)
    Activities Nearby
    Cultural Tours


    Guided Nature Walks

  • Fast Facts

    Classic Camp
    Safari Lodge
    Credit Card
    Above 12 are welcome.
    Birding, Nature, Wildlife

  • Getting there


    Guests travelling in a 4×4 vehicle can drive directly to the camp, parking in camp at own risk.

    Those travelling in a 2×4 vehicle will be met at Fonteine Pos at either 10:00, 14:00 or 17:00, where vehicles are parked at own risk.

    Please note that should guests not arrive in time for the 10:00, 14:00 or 17:00 collection, the community will radio the camp for a staff

    member to come through and meet the guests. However, it will take approximately 45 minutes for the driver to arrive at Fonteine Pos

    from the camp. In order to participate in the afternoon activity, we recommend arriving in time for the pre-arranged 14:00 transfer.

    Closer to the time of travel, we recommend that you contact your travel consultant with regards to road conditions which may be affected

    by seasonal changes, e.g. high rains.

    Damaraland Coordinates: S 20 23 23.39 Latitude E 14 6 21.17 Longitude

    Fonteine Pos Coordinates: S 20 19 25.2 Latitude E 14 04 57.1 Longitude



    Airstrip Name: Damaraland Airstrip

    Duration to Camp: Approximately 30-minute road transfer (depending on wildlife sightings, scenery

    and photographic opportunities along the way)

    Airstrip Coordinates: S 20 25 55 Latitude E 14 07 28 Longitude

    Altitude/Elevation: 1 800 feet

    Runway Length: 1 500 metres.

    Runway Heading: 05/23

    Airstrip Surface: Gravel

    Airstrip Services: Damaraland Camp

  • The experience

    Spot desert-adapted elephants and other wildlife on nature walks and drives, learning their survival skills in this arid place. Search for smaller desert dwellers; follow a guide on a scorpion night walk with UV spotlighting. Travel to Tywfelfontein to view astounding San rock art dating back 6000 years. Visit farmers from the local Torra Conservancy, and hear how human-wildlife conflict has shifted to conservation. Cool off in the pool; enjoy a spectacular breakfast stop in the wilds; relish a fireside boma evening of cultural cuisine, song and dance, and incomparable stargazing.


  • Wildlife

    Damaraland Camp in the Torra Conservancy exists within one of the driest, most desolate regions in all of Africa. In this arid environment the ceaseless processes of life revolve around harnessing the near non-existent water in the most economical way possible. Obviously this scrub landscape cannot support vast, concentrated herds of wildlife, but it nevertheless boasts a varied and breathtaking assortment of desert-adapted species around Damaraland Camp. The Torra Conservancy supports healthy populations of rare desert-adapted elephant and some black rhino. Gemsbok (oryx), kudu, springbok, Hartman’s mountain zebra, southern giraffe, lion, cheetah, and spotted and brown hyaena also live in the area.

    Best Time for Wildlife Viewing

    Damaraland can be visited any time of the year, although the Dry season (May to October) is the most productive for wildlife watching. At this time animals tend to seek out limited water sources and can be more easily seen. During the Wet season (November to April), animals tend to scatter and become harder to locate.


    Some of the animals found in this area.
    Skeleton Coastal National Park, Namibia
    Elephants – Damaraland Camp


    The Monkey on the Elephant’s dung – Damaraland Camp


    Black Rhino and the calf – Damaraland Camp


    Springbok on the lookout – Damaraland Camp


    Kudu – Credit Olga Ernst (Damaraland Camp)


    Hartmann’s mountain zebra – Credit- Yathin S Krishnappa ( Damaraland Camp)


    Southern giraffe – Damaraland Camp


    Cheetah – Damaraland Camp,



    Lion – Credit Wikipedia (Damaraland Camp)


  • Birding

    Birding is excellent  in Damaraland, it has more than 240 bird species recorded, including several arid-country specials. The area is rich in near-endemics, which are sought after because of their restricted range. These include violet wood-hoopoe, Hartlaub’s francolin, Rüppel’s parrot, Monteiro’s hornbill, Carp’s tit, bare-cheeked babbler, rockrunner and white-tailed shrike. Raptors are also well represented and the majestic Verreaux’s eagle can sometimes be seen soaring above the rocky cliffs. Migratory birds are present from November to April.

    Some of the Birds found in this area.
    Skeleton Coastal National Park, Namibia


    Red Billed Spurfowl – Credit Yathin Sk


    Acacia pied barbet – Credit Ragnhild & Amp: Neil


    African cuckoo – Credit Maans Booysen


    Bare-cheeked babbler – Credit Ron Knigh


    Benguela long-billed lark – Credit Katie Reese


    Booted eagle – Credit Subramanya C K


    Cape bunting – Credit Wikimedia Commons


    Carp’s tit – Credit Ken Thomas



  • Food

    Sumptuous food awaits you during your stay at Damara Camp, we cannot wait to see there.










    Food images – Credit Damaraland Camp


  • Highlights

    Unbelievable views of the surrounding plains – desert elephant, black rhino, utter wilderness
    Large game is not concentrated year-round here, with the natural cycle of rainfall dictating the seasonal movement of wildlife along the Huab River.

  • Airstrip


    Damaraland camp airstrip is shared with Damaraland adventure camp and is located North East, about 12 km from the main lodge.

    The specifications of the airstrip are, Length: 1470 m; Elevation: 548.64 m; Co-ordinates: S20:25:52 E14:07:40


Tour Map

Google Map for Damraland, Namibia


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