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Welcome to Lifasi trust school. 


Lifasi trust school is a community initiative project whose genesis is to help the the underprevilledged children obtain their basic right to education. Lifasi Trust School aims to provide sponsor education to the orphans and the poor community children. The project is founded on the realisation that it takes volunteers, donors and well-wishers to better lives of the unfortunates.

We implore everyone to get involved in this quest to help children get free education, free school feeding scheme, free and free emtional support.


​Our Mission

Lifasi school was founded in year 2020 from the desire to provide underprevilledged rural Zambia children living within walk-able distance from the school with second and holistic education in a bid to improve the quality of their lives. Our added mission is to deliver inclusive education focusing on social and emotional learning through facilitating learning of each child based on their individual needs; nurturing their natural abilities, talents and interests.


Our Impact

We provide quality, holistic education to the underprevilledged children in the rural area of Lingulyangulya village. Jimmy donated money to build a simple open plan classroom and on the 15th September , 15 very children had their first day at the school all of them live within distance Jimmy gave the name Lifasi meaning the whole world people prefer education.

Jimmy volunteered in the school and agreed to execute the daily operations on voluntary basis besides the struggles encountered during the rainy season.

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  • Our Story

    Jimmy Lifasi Kakoma was born in Lingulyangulya village in the western province of Zambia. His father passed away in 2004 when he was a young boy, since the passing of his father, life became very difficult and he struggled with life and the worst thing is that he came from a poor family. Life continued until he became of age to do some work and sustain his living.


    In 2017 he came with a decision together with Chuma to start an orphanage school. Their decision was due to the heart felt  compassion for the children who are undergoing the same predicament. Therefore since  1814, the time Mr Siachembele settled in this village to date,  the children of this village still live in the dark and they have no access to basic education. Most of the children are compelled to travel over 15km to the nearest school. These factor compounded have forced many children to engage in immoral practices, drug abuse and child marriages.


    I appeal to those who are a position to help transform the lives of this helpless children to join me fight this noble and Godly cause.

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