Chuyulu Hills National Park


Verdant rolling hills of endless green, great blue skies and spectacular landscape views are what the Chyulu Hills provide to nature lovers. The park was formed in 1983 One of Kenya’s least-visited parks. It is on an altitude of 1,500 – 2,160 m above sea level with an area of 471 sq km.



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  • Location

    Tucked away between Tsavo West National Park and Amboseli National Park, Chyulu Hills National Park boasts striking and diverse landscapes. The Chyulu Hills National Park is an extension of the more renowned Tsavo West National Park

    It is location in Makueni District, Eastern Province in Kajiado District in the Rift Valley Province.

  • Best time to visit

    Chyulu Hills can be visited year-round, but the best time is during the dry months, from June to October and January to February which is easier to navigation through the park.However, the long rains (April and May) are the toughest to tour as the park roads are impassable. However, regardless of the season, consider a 4X4 vehicle when touring the park.

  • Animals

    Large mammals include buffalo, bushbucks, elands, elephants, leopards, giant forest hogs, bush pigs, reedbucks and giraffes along with various reptiles and insects. Horse riding, camping, mountain climbing and bird watching can be enjoyed in this hidden part of paradise

  • Birding

    Bird watching in Chyulu Hills national park is best done in the dry season experienced from January to February and June to October, during your thrilling bird watching experience you will enjoy spotting many colorful bird species such as tambourine dove, African green pigeon, purple crested coucal and klaas cuckoo

  • Weather

    The climate in the Chyulu Hills is synonymous with the rest of Kenya. December, January, and February are dry, while March, April, and May experience long rains June and July are cold but with little or no rain. August, September, and part of October are sunny. For a better tour, plan along with the warm climate.

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