The Chikoko Walking Camp are accessible solely by foot, providing an extraordinary opportunity for immersive walking safaris in the heart of the remote African wilderness. Walking through this untamed landscape, you’ll discover the finer details of the bush, from its captivating scents to the intricacies of the macro world, evoking a timeless connection with nature.


On foot, the once towering giants of the herbivore world, such as giraffes and elephants, become graceful companions as you share eye-level encounters with buffalo. Tracking the previous night’s lion footprints turns the tables on the Luangwa’s predators, making them your pursuit. It’s the genuine, heart-pounding moments, like standing downwind from an elephant and catching its unmistakable scent, that etch walking safaris into your memory as truly unforgettable experiences.



June to October
Children 12 and older are welcome
3 Chalets
Solar fans


Why is Zambia so special?

Abundant Wildlife
Zambia’s untouched wilderness harbors diverse wildlife, from elephants and lions to rare species like African wild dogs.


Remote Experience
Zambia’s parks are less crowded, allowing for a genuine wilderness experience, including intimate walking and boat safaris.


Stunning Landscapes
Zambia boasts iconic sights like Victoria Falls, Zambezi River floodplains, vast savannas, and rain forests.


Conservation Efforts
Zambia focuses on conservation, supporting locals and wildlife habitats, ensuring sustainable tourism for future generations.


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  • Location


    Situated on the west bank within the South Luangwa National Park, a short distance upstream from its parent camp, Tafika the Chikoko Walking Camp are accessible solely by foot from Tafika Camp.

  • Accommodation

    Chikoko Camp has three double-storey reed chalets that are raised above the ground and nestled in the ebony trees. They are all double-storey chalets, with a conventional bathroom on the lower level, and a bedroom on the upper level, boasting views of the seasonal Chikoko River. The accommodation feels very rustic but with running water, flushing toilets and mosquito nets, it has everything you need for an authentic safari stay!













  • Facilities


    • Solar communal charging area (220V)
    • Solar fans
    • No Wi-fi
    • Natural materials and local skills


  • Activities



    Cultural excursion

    Guided walking safari


    The only activity here is walking.

    The camp is set in one of the best walking areas in the entire South Luangwa Valley. You will not see any other people, just game

  • The best time to visit


    The best time to visit the Luangwa Valley is during the dry season between May and October. All outlying water dries up and forces game to congregate around watering holes and rivers, while the vegetation starts to thin out, making it easier to spot wildlife. Tafika Camp, operating seasonally, welcomes guests from May to mid-November. The latter part of the dry season is especially warm and offers prime wildlife sighting opportunities.

  • Getting there


    Reaching Chikoko Tree Camp is a unique journey on its own. The camp is accessible from Mfuwe Airport, which serves as the entry point to South Luangwa National Park. Daily flights operate to Mfuwe from both Livingstone and Lusaka Airport. Once at Mfuwe Airport, the camp is a road transfer of 1.5 to 2 hours away, followed by a canoe river crossing, and a short 10 to 30-minute walk into camp.

    If you’re coming from Mwanya (Lukuzi) Airstrip, you’ll have a shorter 30-minute road transfer, followed by the canoe river crossing and walk into camp.


  • Why South Luangwa National Park

    Tafika Camp - South Luangwa - Zambia


    South Luangwa National Park is remote and unspoilt. Sustained by the Luangwa River, with oxbow lagoons creating a variety of ecosystems to explore, the park is abundant in abundance. South Luangwa is the definition of wild, hosting over 60 different species of animals, 400 species of birds, and is varied in vegetation. Out of the 732 bird species in Zambia, 400 of them can be seen here; a haven for bird watchers.

    The park is considered one of the world’s most prolific game sanctuaries due to its large concentration of animals around its river systems. One can find pods of hippo up to 500 strong, as well as a profuse population of crocodiles. Large herds of elephants, buffalo, antelope, giraffe, and zebra are found throughout the park, with a healthy predator population to match.

    For the big cat enthusiast, South Luangwa is the place to explore. Being considered one of the best places to spot leopards in Africa, it is certainly a safari destination worth experiencing. South Luangwa is the birthplace of the ‘walking safari’, encouraging intimate wildlife encounters, experienced guides leading you through its wild landscapes.

    Its diverse landscapes, lagoons and waterways lend themselves to photographic safaris, offering contrast of colour in each terrain. The park also provides the option of night drives, exploring the wild wonders of the nocturnal. One simply cannot visit Zambia without exploring the untouched and untamed wilderness of South Luangwa National Park.


  • Recommended Package

    Explore Luangwa Safari

    7 nights



    This safari tour promises an authentic and adventurous expedition to Zambia’s South and North Luangwa National Park. The Explore Luangwa Safari package offers an 8-day adventure in two distinct regions of Zambia.

    You will get to experience game drives, guided walking safaris, cycling safaris, and cultural visits to the local village, all while discovering the unique landscapes of the area.


    Where you will stay:

    4 Nights Tafika Main Camp, South Luangwa

    3 Nights Takwela Main Camp, North Luangwa


    Highlights of the tour:

    Day 1-4: South Luangwa

    Game Drives · Walking Safaris · Cycling Safaris · Visit to Mkasanga Village · Game Viewing hides.


    Day 5-7: North Luangwa

    Charter flight to Mwaleshi Airstrip · Morning, Afternoon and Evening Game Drives · Walking Safaris

  • Animails


    Tafika Camp - South Luangwa - Zambia


    South Luangwa National Park, occupying around 9 050 square kilometres in the east of Zambia, is perfectly positioned to give you the safari of a lifetime with the incredible magnitude of its wildlife. Bordered to the east by the Luangwa River, the Luangwa Valley lies at the tail end of the Great African Rift Valley system.

    Your holiday to Zambia in South Luangwa will expose you to a woodland savannah, dominated by southern miombo on the higher slopes of the valley and mopani that covers the bottom of the valley. The park supports a vast array of species, including huge herds of elephants and buffalos as well as unique animals like Thornicroft’s giraffe and Cookson’s wildebeest and Crawshay’s zebra which are near-endemic to the valley. The river teems with hippos and crocodiles. The main predators you can spot while on safari in South Luangwa, are lions, spotted hyenas, wild dogs and leopards. Plains game sightings include bushbuck, eland, duiker, impala, puku and kudu.


  • Birding


    Tafika Camp - South Luangwa - Zambia


    Avid birders will have a field day on a Zambia vacation in the park with the countless species cris-crossing the skies. These include darters, egrets, storks, spoonbills and African skimmers along the Luangwa River. You can also expect to see pied, giant, woodland, malachite and brown-hooded kingfishers that are common in the area.


  • Airstrip


    About Mfuwe International Airport

    One of four Zambian international airports, Mfuwe Airport is conveniently situated for tourists to the South Luangwa National Park and other outstanding wildlife destinations in Luangwa Valley. It lies near the village of Mfuwe in the Eastern Province of Zambia. The 2.2 kilometre surfaced runway services regional international flights in the tourist season.


    International Air Transport Association airport code – IATA: MFU


    International Civil Aviation Organization airport code – ICAO: FLMF

  • Travel type

    Solo adventure

  • Rates 2024

    From US$ 535

    From USD 535 per person sharing.


    Accommodation, all meals, shared local road transfers from/to Mfuwe airport for incoming/outgoing flights and transfers to ongoing camp for guests staying +3 nights at Remote Africa Camps, bar (inclusive of house wine), laundry, game viewing activities (guided walking safaris)

    Conservation, National Park and fixed fees (tourism levy and service charge), superior wines (available upon request), shared local road transfers from/to Mfuwe airport and ongoing camps for guests staying less than 3 nights at Remote Africa Camps.

Tour Map

Google Map for South Luangwa National Park, Zambia


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