Amakhala Private Game Reserve


The Amakhala Game Reserve is a malaria-free, private game reserve spanning over 8500 hectares in size with spectacular African landscapes in the Eastern Cape. The family-run game reserve is known for its magnificent fauna, breath-taking views, and unforgettable wildlife encounters.


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  • Location

    Amakhala Game Reserve is located in the malaria-free Eastern Cape of South Africa

  • Best time to visit

    Highlights of the Park visitation is as follows.

    Best Time January to December (All year)

    High Season October to March (The reserve can get crowded)

    Low Season April to September (Mornings and evenings are cold)

    Best Weather October to April (Warmer nights and mornings)

    Worst Weather June to August (Cold nights and mornings)

  • Animals

    Some of the animals found in the Game reserve include the lions, elephants, rhino, buffaloes, leopards as well as cheetahs. Giraffes and zebras are also found including the wildebeest and plenty of antelope species.
    In Amakhala, the wildlife viewing is good all year. Since the climate is semi-arid, animals are always attracted to water sources, but marginally more so during the driest months of June through September.



  • Birding

    Birding in Amakhala Game Reserve offers many different bird species for the avid birdwatcher. In fact, with over 250 species recorded, Amakhala is a good year-round birding destination – the best though is from November to April, to view the migratory birds from north Africa and Europe

  • Weather

    Amakhala has a semi-arid climate, rainfall is experienced throughout the year; mostly in the summer (October to April)

    Summer –October to April · October & November , The average morning temperature is 12°C/54°F, while afternoons average 25°C/77°F

    December, January and February, with the highest temperatures of the year occurring during this time, daytime temperatures typically hit 29°C/84°F. Mornings are mild at around 16°C/61°F. Rainfall tends to increase in February.

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