Victoria Falls National Park


Victoria Falls National Park is a 2300ha (5680 acre) protected area that includes the town of Victoria Falls, the rain forest and the riverine bush along the Zambezi River as far as the Big Tree.



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  • Location

    Victoria Falls National Park is located in the northwestern part of Zimbabwe and is home to the world’s largest waterfall at a height of 108 m (355 feet)

  • Best time to visit

    The best time to visit Victoria Falls is from February to May, directly after the summer rains, when you’ll see the world’s largest sheet of falling water flowing at its greatest volume.

  • Animals

    It’s home to 40 000 elephants, rhinos, leopards, lions, Ostriches, Hyenas, Hippos, Crocodiles and one of the continent’s largest African wild dog populations, and antelopes.

    Vervet monkeys and baboons are a common sight, but also home to Zebra, Giraffe, Buffalo, Rhino

  • Birding

    You’ll have the opportunity to spot a myriad of rare and beautiful birds, including the Rock Pratincole, Plectropterus, Grey-headed Parrot, African Skimmer, White-backed Night Heron, African Finfoot, Collared Palm Thrush, Dickinson’s Kestrel, Knob-billed Duck, Sarkidiornis melanotos, Egyptian Goose, Alopochen aegyptiaca,  Spur-winged Goose and the Western Banded Snake Eagle, among many others!

    Both wildlife enthusiasts and birders will find a Victoria Falls birding safari on the Zambezi River a special experience


  • Weather

    Victoria Falls has a subtropical climate, with hot and humid summers and mild winters from mid-May to mid-August. The rainy season runs from November to April at an average of 16.5 days a year

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