If you only have time to visit one camp in the Kafue, then a visit to Mawimbi will not disappoint. Centrally located on the west banks of the Kafue River, Mawimbi’s location INSIDE the National Park gives you access to great wildlife encounters, exclusive bush camp accommodation and a wide range of safari activities. We always recommend safari lovers visit at least 2 or 3 camps when exploring the vastness of the Kafue but our mission at Mawimbi is to offer you as much of the Kafue experience from one stunning destination!

3 reasons to visit Mawimbi Bush Camp

Our bush camp is on the banks of the Kafue River – the constant sound and peace of water and a wildlife magnet through the dry season.


Our central location – we are 45 minutes away (heading south) from where the main M9 road cross Kafue National Park so the perfect place to push down further in the Southern Kafue and onto Livingstone OR up Northwards to the Busanga Plains.


We explore the Kafue in different ways – is game drive after drive not your thing? No problem, we offer superbly guided walks for all fitness levels and offer a range of canoe safaris.

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  • Location

    Mawimbi Bush Camp is situated at the riverbank of the beautiful Kafue River in the Kafue National Park in Western Zambia.

  • Accommodtaion

    Our 4 private and eco-conscious luxury tents all face onto the Kafue River and therefore offer views that are unmatched. Our outdoor but en-suite bathrooms reflect our awareness of our environmental footprint by offering on demand hot water bucket showers and flushing eco-toilets. Each tent’s bedroom is mosquito proof and has a private and covered verandah for outdoor birding and enjoying the sound of nature.



    Tents can be made up as doubles or twin configuration.



    Additional beds for families can be added on request.







  • Facilities

  • Activities

    At Mawimbi we pride ourselves on being able to offer a very diverse range of safari activities – almost everything except motorboat cruises! This is a hallmark of a visit to the Kafue in that it enables safari lovers the chance to explore in many different ways!



    Game Drives

    Our game drives produce consistent sightings and we share the popular game viewing area along Spinal Road and up towards the M9 area.


    Canoe Safaris

    A feature of a visit to Mawimbi – we offer a range of canoe safaris from the more gentle and shorter drifts to longer exploration trips up to 18km. From wide and slow moving to exciting shoots and rapids, there is something for everyone!



    Walking Safaris

    Our most popular activity and again, very adaptable to different interest and fitness levels. The dambo behind camp is a short walk away and a constant source of wildlife activity.




    The birding in the Kafue is exceptional and our location gives us access to both the riverine habitats and the superb miombo woodland birding.




    Catch and release fishing for bream, yellowfish and a variety of other unique Kafue species is possible although we only have a very limited supply of tackl


  • Fast Facts

  • Getting there

    How to get to Mawimbi Bush Camp?

    Mawimbi Bush Camp is superbly located for both a short, 1 camp safari OR as part of a longer, multi camp package through the Kafue National Park.

    See a summary of the key points about our location and your transfer options:

    1. For the short safari

    i.e:  3 or 4 nights staying at Mawimbi


    A 4hr road transfer from Lusaka will see you reach Hook Bridge and from there, we are a 45-minute game drive southwards INSIDE the park.


    From OR Tambo International Airport, it takes two hours to reach Lusaka International airport. Kafue National Park is approximately 45min flying time from Lusaka in a *4-seater chartered aircraft to Chunga Airstrip.For seat rate charter flights to Chunga Airstrip– speak to our reservationist.

    2. For the longer safari

    i.e: 6 to 9 night safaris which include Mawimbi


    We suggest combining with 1 or both Nanzhila Safari Camps in the Southern Kafue plains and the shoreline of Lake Itezhi-tezhi before finishing at Mawimbi and then road transferring to Lusaka or potentially onwards to the Busanga Plains. This trip can be done in reverse.


    From Lusaka with the Busanga Plains – include Mawimbi and one of the iconic Busanga Plains camps or Musekese to get a diverse safari in the Northern half of the Kafue.



    Mfuwe International Airport (MIA)
    Mfuwe International Airport (MIA) was opened in mid 70s as a domestic airport to service the South Luangwa National Game Park, which is one of the largest national game parks in Zambia. The airport gained its international status in 1995 when it was gazetted as a port of entry and exit. The airport serves over twenty lodges and campsites. It has a runway measuring 2.2 km long.


    Its’ location in the middle of the South Luangwa National Park makes it convenient for flight connections to most tourist destinations in Zambia and in the region. There are daily flights from Lusaka to Mfuwe and direct flights from Mfuwe to Lilongwe. There are plans to provide for additional connections with other tourist destinations like Mombasa, Victoria Falls, Kariba, Harare and Johannesburg.


  • Geneal Information


    No children under 12 accepted unless on a private camp basis with prior approval.



    Camp runs from 1 April – 15 November each season.



    All meals, teas and coffee are served from our main area.



    Water is available for drinking in the tents and main area.


    No wifi or cell phone coverage


    The camp is solar powered with paraffin lanterns used for additional lighting.

  • Kafue National Park

    Kafue National Park



    Kafue National Park is one of Africa’s most unique wildernesses. It is one of the biggest National Parks on the continent (roughly the size of Wales at more than 22,000km²), and its vast size includes a variety of different wildlife habitats to be explored. One of Africa’s best kept secrets, the park has evaded mass tourism and been left untouched and unspoiled, as it should be. This allows guests to experience excellent game viewing with a rich diversity of wildlife, stunning landscapes and uninterrupted interactions with nature.


    The park is named after the mighty Kafue River that meanders through it for 250km. It enters the park in the North-East and forms beautiful Lake Itezhi-Tezhi in the south, a natural draw for large herds of antelope and elephant. Other well-known rivers which run through the park are the Lunga and Lufupa Rivers, both feeder tributaries to the Kafue River. The intricate water systems and lake dominate the landscape in the North and East sections of the park where the majority of the safari camps are located.


    Kafue National Park is Zambia’s biggest and most established National Park and is easily accessed from both Lusaka and Livingstone, only a 3 to 4 hour drive away. There are also a number of airstrips, including Mukambi’s newly built airstrip, just 5 minutes downstream from the lode, making the park a good option for safari charters.


    Busanga Plains



    The beautiful Busanga Plains are situated in the Northern part of the park. The jewel of the Kafue, the area is famous for its extensive floodplain which drains after the rainy season, attracting large numbers of game and fantastic birdlife. ‘One Fig’, a huge fig tree in the middle of the plains, is a prominent landmark.


    The well-known National Geographic documentary, ‘Swamp Lions’, was filmed exclusively on the Busanga Plains and it’s also no surprise that Getaway Magazine rated Busanga as one of the ‘top 10 secret gems of Africa’. The plains are seasonal due to the flooding in the wet season and small safari camps like our own Busanga Plains Camp operate solely in the dry season.

  • Food

  • Animals

    Some of the animals found in this area.
    Kafue National Park, Zambia.


    The Hippo within the lodge area - Mawimbi Bush Camp



    The Lizard within the lodge area - Mawimbi Bush Camp


    Roan antelopes resting - Mawimbi Bush Camp


    The Warthog searching for food - Mawimbi Bush Camp


    Roan Antelopes at peace - Mawimbi Bush Camp


    The leopard resting - Mawimbi Bush Camp


    The Varaan at peace with nature - Mawimbi Bush Camp


    The Hippos as usual at play in Kafue River water - Mawimbi Bush Camp


    The head of Elephants on the pool - Mawimbi Bush Camp

  • Birding

    Some of the birds found in this area.
    Kafue National Park, Zambia.


    Black-cheeked lovebird – Credit Dick Daniels


    Böhm’s bee-eater – Credit Nathan DeBruine


    Brown-headed apalis – Credit Nik borrow


    Chaplin’s barbet – Credit Nick Hudson


    Chestnut-backed_Sparrow-Weaver – Credit By Nigel Voaden


    Collared palm-thrush – Credit Zak Pohlen


    Denham’s bustard – Credit Bernard


    African Finfoot – Credit Wikipedia

Tour Map

Google Map for Kafue National Park, Zambia


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