North Luangwa National Park



The North Luangwa National Park (NLNP) covers 4 636km² / 2 880mi², forming the core of the 22,000 km² North Luangwa ecosystem.



The Luangwa Valley is a massive wilderness area located in eastern Zambia and is known for its prolific wildlife. This region, which is divided into two national parks, North Luangwa and South Luangwa, is one of Africa’s top safari locations.


North Luangwa National Park

  • Known for its remote and untouched wilderness.
  • Famous for its walking safaris.
  • Stunning landscapes that include riverine forests, open plains and mopane woodlands.
  • Large populations of buffalo and elephant.
  • Healthy population of black rhino.


South Luangwa National Park

  • Often regarded as the best place to spot leopards.
  • Famous for its cycling safaris.
  • Night drives are a popular activity, allowing visitors to witness nocturnal wildlife.
  • A haven for birdwatchers, with over 400 bird species recorded.
  • Boat safaris along the Luangwa river offer a unique perspective.


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  • Location

    Found in the oldest section of Africa’s Great Rift Valley , it lies on the western bank of the Luangwa River bordered on the other side by the dramatic Muchinga Escarpment which rises over 1 000m / 3 280ft from the valley floor

  • Best time to visit

    Best Time July to October (The bush is dry and animals are easier to find)

    High Season July to October (The park is little visited and never gets busy)

    Low Season Never (The camps are closed in the Wet season)

    Best Weather April to August (It is cooler and it hardly ever rains)

  • Animals

    The area is a wildlife rich national park in Zambia with a lot of different species of animals are found here the antelopes common ones include Bushbuck. Common Duiker. Cookson’s Wildebeest, Eland, Impala, Klippspinger and Kudu. The carnivora ones include African Striped Weasel, Clawless Otter, Honey Badger, Side Striped Jackal. Spotted Hyaena. Wild Dog and the general mamals include Aardvark, Black Rhinoceros, Buffalo, Bushpig, Crawshay’s Zebra, Elephant and Hippopotamus.

    The middle and end of the Dry season, from July to October, is the best time for wildlife viewing in the park. Animals gather around the waterways, and vegetation is thinner, which makes spotting easier.

  • Birding

    North Luangwa is home to all of the birds species found in South Luangwa. Commonly seen birds include the carmine bee-eater, giant eagle owl, Pel’s fishing owl, broad billed roller, Lillian’s lovebird, purple crested lorries and crowned cranes.

    It is an excellent birding destination year-round, although the best birding is during the wet summer months (from November to April) when migrants are present.

  • Weather

    North Luangwa National Park has two distinct seasons – the ‘dry season’, from June to October and the ’emerald season’, from November to May (all camps currently closed during this time). Temperatures during these seasons vary from lows of 10°C, in June and July, to highs of 40°C, in October

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