South Luangwa National Park is in east Zambia’s Luangwa River valley. It’s known for its abundant wildlife.


The Luangwa Valley is a massive wilderness area located in eastern Zambia and is known for its prolific wildlife. This region, which is divided into two national parks, North Luangwa and South Luangwa, is one of Africa’s top safari locations.


North Luangwa National Park

  • Known for its remote and untouched wilderness.
  • Famous for its walking safaris.
  • Stunning landscapes that include riverine forests, open plains and mopane woodlands.
  • Large populations of buffalo and elephant.
  • Healthy population of black rhino.


South Luangwa National Park

  • Often regarded as the best place to spot leopards.
  • Famous for its cycling safaris.
  • Night drives are a popular activity, allowing visitors to witness nocturnal wildlife.
  • A haven for birdwatchers, with over 400 bird species recorded.
  • Boat safaris along the Luangwa river offer a unique perspective.


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  • Location

    Located in the valley of the Luangwa River on the northeastern side of Zambia

  • Best time to visit

    The best time to go to South Luangwa National Park is the period between middle of June and October when the park is at its driest and the days are warm with plenty of sun

  • Animals

    Commonly found animals here include elephant, Cape buffalo, hippo, lion, Nile crocodile, warthog, puku, impala, spotted hyena, greater kudu and eland. Unique to the Luangwa are the Thornicroft’s giraffe, Cookson’s wildebeest and Crawshay’s zebra, which are found nowhere.

    During the dry season from July to October is the best time watching wildlife,

  • Birding

    South Luangwa welcomes more than 450 bird species each year. The birdlife includes many species typical of Southern Africa and those more usually known from East Africa. South Luangwa provides spectacular birdlife all-year-round.

  • Weather

    South Luangwa National Park’s climate is hot, and it has a Dry and Wet season. The average temperature remains reasonably uniform all year. Nights are much cooler though in the Dry season, and daytime temperatures peak in October, just before the rains commence.

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